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A Month (September) of USST Officially Released

October 5, 2020 | By Zhang Liu, Li Rui | Copyedited by William, Zhang Liu


Welcome to the Voice of USST for September. Summer has slipped away. On the basis of regular pandemic prevention and control of USST, students’ return to school and newcomers’ registration were well organized and proceeded in safety, taking USST to hustle and bustle after half a year of dreariness. Focused on the reform and innovation, USST adhered to the strategy of cooperation and opening-up, and implemented a series of cooperation and joint construction projects including the establishment of an institute of public diplomacy , Taizhou Attraction Workstation of USST and strategic cooperation agreements signed with Shanghai Shenkang Hospital Development Centre (SHDC) and Shanghai municipal civil defense office, respectively.
USST has increased investment in disciplinary construction, scientific research, talent training, and exchange& cooperation, achieving remarkable results in promoting the construction of high-level university. At the 22nd China International Industry Fair, a number of significant scientific and technological achievements of USST in pandemic prevention and control, intelligent manufacturing and other fields were displayed, receiving a string of awards. USST has been cultivating excellent and talented young teachers. Rao Pingping, a young teacher aiding Xinjiang Province, received approval of national scientific research projects. Ni Jing, a young teacher from School of Environment and Architecture, was awarded the Marie Curie Individual Fellowship. USST always focuses on teaching students with practice and scientific research. Zhao Mantong, Ph.D. student of ultra-precision optical manufacturing team led by Professor Zhang Dawei from School of Optical-Electrical and Computer Engineering, developed a microfluidic chip to rapidly detect the content of chloramphenicol in milk. Tian Tian, Ph.D. student of nano-photonics team led by Professor Cai Bin, has made new progress in nonlinear optical materials. USST has successively held high-level scientific and technological innovation competitions to develop innovative talents. The 2020 "Tianjia Cup" Science and Technology Competition for College Students in China's refrigeration and air conditioning industry, for example, was held in USST. The final and award ceremony of the 7th Shanghai University Students New Material Innovation and Creativity Competition and 2020 Shanghai University Business Elite Competition and International Trade Competition are included as well.
AsGu min we introduced previously, academician from School of Optical-electrical and Computer Engineering, who has made a series of breakthroughs in the field of Nano-Photonics and Professor Liu Ping from School of Materials Science and Engineering, who labeled the contact wire of high-speed railway with "Made in China". This month features Professor Yu Hongliu from School of Medical Instrument and Food Engineering. As the director of the rehabilitation engineering center of USST and pioneer of the discipline of rehabilitation engineering, Professor Yu endeavored for the approval of the registration of rehabilitation engineering major of USST, making China the first country in the world to establish a specialized bachelor’s degree to cultivate rehabilitation engineering talents. Recently Professor Yu has successfully developed the first intelligent hydraulic prosthesis knee joint in China, which is a breakthrough in the technology of hydraulic intelligent knee joint with independent intellectual property rights of China, promising that it can fill a domestic void with such products as intelligent hydraulic knee prosthesis.

"The Voices from Li Rui, undergraduate from the Business School of USST,once awarded Certificate of Shanghai Interpretation Accreditation Test (Intermediate Level) and the second prize in National English Competition for College Students and BEC Higher Certificate with 200 points in speaking."

PART Ⅰ Events
USST Welcomes Freshmen to the School Campus
On a bright sunny day of Sep 10th, USSTers were thrilled to welcome more than 4000 incoming freshmen to the USST and to start their first day at this campus.
Volunteers composed of faculty and students, who were wearing USST T-shirts, assembled and set off at 7 a.m. to meet and welcome undergraduates with their warmest greetings. They answered questions, gave advice, guided the way and offered help to new students. The Hujiang Campus was now filled with young laughers, excited chatters and collective vibe of cheers, embracing a new semester full of expectations. Under regular pandemic prevention and control, to safeguard and aid each student, USST has mobilized human resources and made various emergency plans ahead of the time to help each student peacefully enter into the campus and smoothly complete their registration. In the meanwhile, despite the fact that foreign vehicles were not allowed to be driven in and parked inside, school specially and warmly arranged for some temporary shuttles to carry and transport students’ heavy package to the dorm areas. In addition, some smart technologies added have also made it convenient for students to complete their admission procedure and get to scan USST landscape as quickly as possible.
For the majority of students, this is the first time that they have embarked on their independent days without parents’ company. Unlike previous years, freshmen have to do with their dorm affairs by themselves at the first day. In the coming days, they should learn about many new life skills and can get acquaint with a lot of friends all over the world.
They all begin to build a dream and keep exploring and striving for it in hopes of fulfilling a complete four-year golden time. No matter where you are from, USST will be new home to you and stands together in enriching your academic journey and personal development in the following four years.

Link to the news: https://en.usst.edu.cn/info/1023/2078.htm

The Institute of Public Diplomacy Established at USST
An institute of public diplomacy has been established at the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology and the Shanghai Public Diplomacy Association.
The institute will research issues of public diplomacy and provide counseling services for related organizations. It will also aim to enhance cultural exchanges and cultivate related talents to promote the development of public diplomacy in Shanghai. It is to establish a thinktank, organize a series of lectures and launch a batch of research programs in public diplomacy. It will also participate in organizing a series of public diplomatic activities on the theme of international cooperation in economic and social development after the COVID-19 pandemic and carrying out training on promoting economic cooperation in public diplomacy.

Link to the news: https://en.usst.edu.cn/info/1023/2071.htm

Multiple Agreements Signed between USST and Other Units
Guided by the principle of “complementary advantages and mutual development”, the strategic cooperation agreement was signed between USST and Shanghai Shenkang Hospital Development Centre (SHDC). Both sides should seize precious historical opportunities to jointly construct medical device innovation platform, and push ahead the comprehensive interdisciplinary innovation research and cultivation of compound innovative talents, transferring scientific achievements into rapid completion and providing more high-quality and effective medical services for those patients. To strengthen the protective role of scientific technologies, the cooperation agreement was signed between Shanghai Municipal Civil Defense Office and USST. The both sides will bring their superiority of science, education, industry, talents and funds into full play, and enhance strategic cooperation in various areas, stepping up the development of national civil defense.

Link to the news: https://en.usst.edu.cn/info/1023/2082.htm

USST Promotes Exchange & Communication between USST and Enterprises
On the morning of Sep 8th, a delegation led by Wu Jianyong, Secretary of Party Committee of USST, Ding Xiaodong, President of USST, Vice President Liu Ping, and Chief Accountant Zhao Ming paid a visit to Shanghai Electric Group Co., Ltd. The both sides carried out deep talks about school-enterprise comprehensive strategic cooperation, and joint construction of science innovation parks and reached a consensus in building a closer and broader cooperative relationship. On Sep 28th, the HUAWEI delegation led by Li Jie, President of HUAWEI, Dong Gang, General Manager of Shanghai Office came to USST. The both sides will build closer strategic partnership, and train a group of cutting-edged innovative talents which engage in tackling difficulties in interdisciplinary domain.

Link to the news: https://en.usst.edu.cn/info/1023/2080.htm

New Development in International Exchange in September
Six new international cooperative agreements were signed in May. By now, there have formed a cooperative partnership with USST and 177 other universities and institutions in 34 nations and regions.








Professional   Certification



Vorarlberg   University of Applied Sciences

Students   Exchange Program



University   of British Columbia

Summer   Program

PART Ⅱ Events
USST Puts Achievements on CIIE Display
The national industrial exhibition was held on the premise of regular pandemic prevention and control, the 22th China international Industrial Exhibition was unveiled at National Exhibition and Convention Center on Sep 15th. With a theme “Intelligence& Interconnectivity add fuel to new industrial development”, the exhibition includes 9 professional halls, and participant enterprises exceed 2000 units. Closely connected with the theme of the exhibition, centering on high-level university construction, guided by the principle of “elevate social influence, serve high-level university construction”, USST exhibits key scientific achievements in pandemic prevention and control, and intelligent manufacture. Many original USST scientific achievements were also displayed at the exhibition, winning widespread applause and media attention.

Link to the news: https://en.usst.edu.cn/info/1061/2089.htm

Young Teachers Achieves Personal Growth at USST
Recently, Associate Professor Ni Jing from the School of Environment and Architecture of USST received a notice from the European Research Council. Graded 98 points (out of 100 points), she was selected into the Plan of “Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowships”Program under the EU“Horizon-2020” research and innovation framework, and will go to the University of Warwick, UK, to participant in his supervisor’s team to jointly carry out an international cooperation research project entitled “Digital and Biopolymer Assisted Railway Embankment Reinforcement” which will be funded for 36 months. On Sep 18th, the result of 2020 national nature science foundation was officially announced by National Nature Science Commission. “A Study on the Mechanism of Soil Damage Caused by Lightning and the Evolution of Mechanics Behavior” was successfully approved and funded 580 thousand by National Nature Science Foundation. The project was applied for by USST and its pairing assistance university is Kashgar University.

USST Students Publishes High-level Papers in Top Journals
Recently, the nano-photonic team led by Professor Cai Bin from the International Future Optical Laboratory achieved new progress in the area of nonlinear optical materials, and published a cover paper entitled “DAST Optical Damage Tolerance Enhancement and Robust Lasing via Supramolecular Strategy” in a famous journal ACS Photonics (SCI Area Ⅰ). Tian Tian, a Ph. D from School of Optical-electrical and Computer Engineering, was the first writer. The
DAST@β-CD crystal prepared by this method not only has good lasing resistance, but also can provide a reference for the preparation of other types of nonlinear organic crystals, thereby promoting the organic nonlinear crystal materials application of optical signal conversion, terahertz signal generation and digital signal processing. Supervised by Academician Zhuang Songlin, Dr. Zhao Mantong from the Ultra-precision Photonic Manufacture Team led by Professor Zhang Dawei and Dr. Zheng Lulu published a paper entitled “Rapid Quantitative Detection of Chloramphenicol in Milk by Microfluidic Immunoassay” in international authoritative journal Food Chemistry (JCR AreaⅠ, Impact factor: 6.306). An immune detection chip, including pipeline layer and valve layer was developed based on microfluidic technology, which can realize the automatic operation of detection process by controlling the valve. Moreover, the chip contains 10 detection units, which can simultaneously detect multiple samples. The development of the immunoassay chip offers a sensitive, rapid and simple detection method for antibiotics in milk.

Link to the news: https://en.usst.edu.cn/info/1061/2081.htm

High-level College Students Scientific Innovation Competition Held at USST
USST has successively held high-level scientific and technological innovation competitions to develop innovative talents. From August 1th to 2th, the 2020 "Tianjia Cup" Science and Technology Competition for College Students in China's refrigeration and air conditioning industry, was held in USST. On Sep 13th and Sep 26th respectively, the final and awarding ceremony of the 7th Shanghai University Students New Material Innovation and Creativity Competition and 2020 Shanghai University Business Elite Competition and International Trade Competition are included as well.

Link to the news: https://en.usst.edu.cn/info/1023/2087.htm

PART Ⅲ People
Why to nominate Professor Yu
The project entitled "key Technology and Application of Intelligent Bionic Device for Human Hand Function Reconstruction" completed by the intelligent rehabilitation engineering team led by Professor Hongliu Yu, with which he won the second prize of Technology Invention Award of the Ministry of education in 2019. After nearly 10 years of research, the project has overcome the core technological problems of weak EMG signal processing, intelligent dynamic control algorithm, free micro bionic joint mechanism design, and developed a series of innovative EMG bionic prosthetic hand and rehabilitation hand products, which significantly improved the technical level of China's EMG bionic prosthetic hand and rehabilitation hand, especially the realization of high-performance EMG prosthetic hand in China Technology transfer and upgrading. For the first time, this achievement realizes the smooth and adjustable movement speed and strength of domestic EMG prosthetic hand based on patients' "will" through intelligent dynamic control technology, and develops the first free electronic prosthetic hand based on EMG hybrid control technology in the world. In addition, the products adopt bionic design in structure, making it the first micro closed transmission structure in the world. In the past three years, the products have created a total output value of more than 46 million yuan, and the output value of assembly services about 150 million yuan. The market share of related products ranks first in China and is exported to overseas for millions of potential patients, which has produced significant economic and social benefits. Jiangsu Danyang prosthetic Factory Co., Ltd., which has been participating in the project, has become the leading unit in the manufacturing industry of EMG prosthetic hand in China.

A Brief Introduction of Professor Yu
Hongliu Yu, Professor and doctoral supervisor.He is the director of Institute of Rehabilitation Engineering and Technology of USST and director of Shanghai Engineering Research Center of Assistive Devices (SERCAD). He is also the chairman of the special committee for technical transformation and industrial promotion of China rehabilitation medical association and chairman of rehabilitation robot alliance, executive chairman and Secretary of General Specialty Committee of Rehabilitation Devices of China, chairman of Committee of Rehabilitation Engineering of Shanghai Society of Biomedical Engineering, and former chairman of Coalition of Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology of Asia. He founded the first major of rehabilitation engineering in China, published more than 200 academic papers and applied for more than 130 invention patents. He has won the first prize of Science and Technology of China Rehabilitation Medical Association, the second prize of Technological Invention of the Ministry of Education, and won the National Baosteel Excellent Teacher Award, Shanghai Model Worker (Advanced Worker), Shanghai Yucai Award, and Individual with Outstanding Scientific Research Contribution of USST.



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