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A Month(July/ August) of USST Officially Released

September 4, 2020 | By Li Rui, Dong Xiaofei | Copyedited by William, Zhang Liu


USSTers are striving hard in the blistering summer. Under regular pandemic prevention and control, all departments in USST never slacken both in mind and prevention actions, and strive to build a “firewall” against the pandemic during the summer vacation. USST delegation is occupied in carrying out intensive research to promote the 14th Five-Year Plan of USST by visiting universities & corporations, deepening the cooperation and meeting outstanding alumni. Faculties make full use of their summer time to enhance their teaching quality or immerse themselves in experiments. They endeavor for better teaching methods and further scientific research, making due contributions to the development of USST. Young students live their expectations to the fullest. They brighten their youth and make efforts to reach what they strive for through actively participating in social activities and increasing enthusiasm in experimental learning. During the summer vacation, USST achieved a lot of fruits. Two cooperation framework agreements were signed with Chinese Academy of Sciences and Xianju County respectively. Young teachers won the t prizes in College Teachers’ Teaching Competition. High-level Paper written by USST teachers like Zhang Zhiguo was selected into the Frontrunner 5000 (F5000), an outstanding academic paper database of Chinese top journals. Postgraduates reached a new peak in the National Electronic Design Competition. Xiong Peiqi from School of Mechanical Engineering were nominated for 2019 Shanghai University & College Student of the Year......The new semester is approaching, having brought energy and vitality to the campus. Every teacher and student is heading for a brighter future, with their full confidence and ambitions.

"The Voice from Zhang Kang, an undergraduate from Business of USST,once an short-term escort interpreter for the MBAs from CUHK, achieved over 620 points in both CET- 4 and CET -6 and an overall band score of 7.5 in IELTS test.”

Here are 24 keywords that describe USST in summer vacation:

USST faculty members made a breakthrough in achievements in the 4th Teaching Competition for Young Faculty Members in Shanghai Universities, jointly organized by Shanghai Federation of Trade Unions, Shanghai Education and Health Work Party Committee and Shanghai Municipal Education Commission.Participants from USST are Zhai Mo from Hu Jiang College, Liu Hong from Business School, Shi Yu from School of Marxism, Li Yuhao and Zhao Chunyan from College of Sciences, and Jiao Guyue from School of Mechanical Engineering. Zhai Mo won the first prize in the program of Discipline of Humanities ; Shi Yu won the first prize in the program of Discipline of moral education.

★News: https://en.usst.edu.cn/info/1023/2029.htm

In the national finals of the 15th China Postgraduate Electronic Design Competition, USST graduates reached a peak in terms of the overall results and the number of awards. The team won one national special award of "Pingtouge Enterprise Proposition"; one special award about anti-virus situation; and 1 national first prize of "Arm Enterprise Proposition". In addition, one national first prize for both technology and business plan was achieved respectively. University of Shanghai for Science and Technology also won the national excellent organization award.

▲Brand Construction
The school actively promotes the construction of network platform, establishes the New-media matrix of University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, covering the New-media of secondary colleges and departments, and enhancing the school's own network cultural brand construction.

Collaboration & Exchange
From August 24th to 25th, the USST delegation went to Taizhou to deepen the collaboration and exchange between the school and the local government. Against the background of deeply implementing the national strategy of Yangtze River Delta integration, the two sides have made in-depth exchanges and discussions on further cooperation and striving to achieve a win-win development of the University and the local government.

On July 7th, the cooperation framework agreement focusing on the integration of science and education, and collaborative education was signed between USST and Shanghai Branch, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Guided by the principle of complementary advantages and win-win results, both sides will take full advantage of this national-level research institute practice platform. This will have benefits for research and teaching resources of institutions for higher education, and establish a collaborative platform, contributing to Shanghai’s role in the Scientific Innovation Centre for Science and Technology and have global influence.

★News: https://www.usst.edu.cn/2020/0707/c34a38341/page.htm

Defense line
During the summer, school has held many special meetings on epidemic prevention and control, shared the responsibility of defense line against pandemic, and made due efforts to prepare for the coming semester in autumn and all kinds of work on epidemic prevention and control. In the meanwhile, they made overall plans for the development of USST during the period of normalized epidemic prevention and control.

Enrollment & Recruitment
USST vigorously recruits and introduces talents. The personnel department and Enrollment units are working hard to promote the introduction of high-level talents and high-quality students, so as to underpin the foundation of the development of the school. Each college also implements various innovative methods of talent introduction, enrollment and entrance examination. For example, Business School has excavated the history of the college, upgraded the website, made the advertisements known to raise its thorough awareness of the public, making it convenient to recruit more outstanding teachers and students. Sino-British College has put its enrollment publicity, independent enrollment examination, campus open day and other work online.

News: https://en.usst.edu.cn/info/1023/2038.htm

University of Shanghai for Science and Technology and Xianju County, Taizhou City jointly established a medical device innovation and transfer Institute to effectively promote the scientific and technological innovation and industrial development in the field of medical devices, cultivate an array of high-quality industrial talents and launch a lot of innovative achievements, supporting the construction of Shanghai Science and technology Innovation Center and the development of key industries.

Research groups in USST have never failed to seize every opportunity to be bold. Sky is the limit when it comes to the place for scientific research. For example, The “THz wall reinforcement detector” is led by Dr. Yuan Minghui and team members from the School of Optical-electrical and Computer Engineering. It is compact and portable, and can take advantage of characteristics of terahertz waves and millimeter waves, i.e. their high penetrability into nonmetallic building entities such as cement, bricks, lime, etc. and almost zero penetrability into metals, which permits the examination of diameters, positions and materials of the bars without damage to the wall. Dr. Liu Na from the School of Medical Instrument and Food Engineering worked  together with students from the Institute of Machine Intelligence is collecting data in Zhengzhou East Railway Station West Square and the Forest of Zhengzhou which are overcrowded with people streaming, to develop the intelligent cleaning robot. Prof. Wang Yong, from the College of Communication and Art Design, instead of stopping in his steps, was busy carrying out an on-site reconnaissance, field surveying and mapping, getting to know about the needs of villagers and so on. He led the team members to be pioneers in groping forward bravely to create a distinctive and beautiful countryside with their wisdom and feelings.

★News:https://en.usst.edu.cn/info/1023/2046.htm,https://en.usst.edu.cn/info/1023/2051.htm, https://en.usst.edu.cn/info/1023/2057.htm

▲High-level Development
On August 4th, University of Shanghai for Science and Technology (USST) went to Shanghai University (SHU) for a survey about some issues like the “14th Five-Year Plan”, teaching reform and curriculum innovation for a high-level university construction. Present were main leaders of these two universities and some other heads of relative departments, who carried out the deep talks.

★News: https://en.usst.edu.cn/info/1023/2043.htm

Professor Du Baojiang led USST students to take part in the scientific research on domestic aircraft. By using the virtual design method of rapid parametric model generation, they establish the model library of aircraft standardized parts such as aviation parts and classification parts, and develop the management and application system of model standardized parts. The application in aircraft design effectively improves the design efficiency and provides USST innovative power for the manufacture of domestic aircraft.

▲Joint construction
On August 6th, USST together with the Yangpu District People's Government held an inaugural meeting for the USST-Yangpu Elementary Education Group. President Ding Xiaodong pointed out that USST will become a positive model in supporting elementary education, joining hands with all member schools to build a tightly-knit education group that closely links colleges, middle schools, primary schools and kindergartens through a “One Network”.

★News: https://en.usst.edu.cn/info/1023/2048.htm

This summer, USST students are keen on the next station with their devotion and described the hottest part in their youth. In scientific research world, along the way to dream building, and while supporting education, USST students have made great efforts to make their dreams dazzling all time.

★News: https://en.usst.edu.cn/info/1023/2040.htm

Teachers and students from USST are stationed in the laboratory to explore the infinite possibilities of research science. For example, in the Room 208 Laboratory of the School of Materials Science and Engineering, GUI Bojie, a 2018 undergraduate, is conducting a fluorescence detection experiment on the carbon reagent prepared by himself. In repeated experiments, Gui Bojie found that the reagent prepared had a more obvious detection effects on aniline, so he determined his own research direction.

Xiong Peiqi, an undergraduate from School of Mechanical Engineering, recently was awarded "2019 Shanghai University/College Student of the Year". Xiong Peiqi has explored the infinite possibility of university life by seeing "responsibility" and "effort" as key words.

Recently, Associate Professor Zhang Zhiguo, a young teacher of the School of Environment and Architecture received a notice from the editorial office of the Journal of Rock and Soil Mechanics. In view of the wide influence of a paper published in Chinese scientific journals and the large number of downloads and citations, it has been selected as a top academic paper library of F5000 in Chinese excellent journals (Outstanding 5000). The title of the selected paper is "Analytical solution for dissipation of excess pore water pressure and soil consolidation settlement induced by tunneling under the influence of long-term leakage". The paper was published in a journal Rock and Soil Mechanics which is honored as "China's Finest Science and Technology Journal", and "China's Most Influential International", and "China's Science and Technology Excellence Action Plan Selected Journal".

★News: https://en.usst.edu.cn/info/1061/2031.htm

Optimize management
In 2020, the Undergraduate College (putting the Academic Affairs Office, the Students Affairs Office, the Centralized School of Fundamental Courses, the School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and the Public Experiments Center under centralized management) was formally and officially established, promoting the organic integration of undergraduates’ moral education, professional education, innovation and entrepreneurship education. It signals that USST’s governance system of its undergraduates education has entered a new stage, and its governance effectiveness of undergraduates education has kept improving.

★News: https://en.usst.edu.cn/info/1023/2037.htm

The Notice on 2019 List of majors Approved by China Engineering Education Accreditation jointly issued by Higher Education Evaluation Center of the Ministry of Education, and the China Engineering Education Accreditation Association was released. USST’s two majors: Materials Science and Engineering, and Electronic Information Engineering have passed the Education Accreditation. The validity term is six years, that is, from January 2020 to December 2025.

★News: https://en.usst.edu.cn/info/1023/2034.htm

▲Quest for excellence
In order to realize their dream of postgraduate study, USST students have supplied them with rich "spiritual food". For example, during the summer vacation, Lei Qihao chose to stay on campus, and caught his precious summer time to learn more useful knowledge and continued to work hard for the dream of postgraduate entrance examination.

▲Rebuilding campus
During the summer vacation, the school renovates the old buildings such as No.3 teaching building and the old gymnasium, and starts the design and construction projects of the new teaching and public service building, so as to provide better learning and service experience for teachers and students, and enhance the comfort and satisfaction of them on campus.

Stabilize Employment
With the COVID-19 situation this year,2020 graduates face a brand new challenge on top of that. Liu Qin, dean of College of Foreign Languages and Shen Fang, a 2020 graduate from USST took part in Shanghai Live to accept the interview and shared something about how USST students flexibly choosed their jobs and which favorable measures USST has taken to bolster the 2020 employment with USST Science Park.

★News: https://en.usst.edu.cn/info/1023/2058.htm

Teaching pattern
During the epidemic prevention and control, "suspended classes, ongoing learning" has brought a new opportunity to the practice of online teaching, and also has provided space for the exploration of blending teaching pattern. The teaching& learning are still under consideration and practice. USST teachers carefully polish every class to prepare for the meeting with their students in the new semester.

Undertaking& Responsibility
The summer of 2020 is a special graduation season which witnesses that USST graduates begin a new phrase in their life. This summer also witnesses that the graduates set sail, and ride the winds and waves for their bright future. USST graduates are on their way to the northwest of China, such as Tibetan, Guizhou, and Xinjiang.

★News: https://en.usst.edu.cn/info/1023/2035.htm

From August 11th to 13th, the USST delegation paid a visit to Zhejiang University of technology and Alibaba Group, and some alumni enterprises like Hangzhou Steam Turbine Co., Ltd, China United Engineering Corporation Dean Diagnostic Technology Group Co., Ltd., Meiyi Automation Technology Co., Ltd. They also attended the Hangzhou alumni forum and welcome events during which they exchanged views with alumni representatives.

Since the middle of August, students have returned to school one after another. Logistics personnel, security office members and some student volunteers from the school have helped and welcome students back to school safely.

New Journey, new beginning, there is infinite X for school’s future development.

▲Youth & Passion
During this summer vacation, many USST students received their internship employment notice, began their office life from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. They take advantage of the opportunities to enrich their vision and experience, which will help to increase their chances of success when they enter the society and work in the future. At the same time, many USST students dedicated themselves to the summer practice, professional practice, voluntary service, etc., making everyone going on campus trip, reflecting their enthusiasm and brilliance of youth.

In a new semester of new faces, USST will achieve more fruits and its popularity zooms.


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